FALLEN Tour 2015

Italian FALLEN Team on Tour: the Fallen skate team calling at the net with the video of their latest 2015 Tour to the discovery of fantastic places in the crystal clear waters of Sardinia and the cultural melting pot of Berlin, Germany.

Protagonists of the video the Italian Fallen skaters: Raffaele Schirinzi, Guido Stazi, Ivan Inglese and promising newcomer Elmehdi Contaki, followed by cameras Federico Romanello, Luca Fortini and Daniele Galli.
Under the most hardcore skateboarding, skaters crossed the Sardinian island far and wide, looking for spot increasingly characteristic. The warmth of a fantasy land like Sardinia the group moved then to Germany and there, between quality beers, pretzels and wrustel, they have found the right boost to close trick perfect.

Four aces traveling across the Old Continent. No further words, we let the images speak for themselves.

Elmehdi Contaki
Ivan Inglese
Guido Stazi
Raffaele Schirinzi

LOCATIONS: Berlin, Sardinia

Luca Fortini, Daniele Galli, Federico Romanello

Luca Fortini

“Words Taste Good”- Kingface