DC is pleased to present “Thirty Six”, the new video part signed by Daniele Galli, team manager of the team DC Shoes Italy.

The full part in which Daniele Galli has worked in the last year: a video project assisted by friends and team mates DC, several filmer with their goals, the wise direction of Luca Fortini and powerful sound of Kröwnn.

A video to watch again and again, where style and solidity have no age.
Go Danny!

Filmed & edited by Luca Fortini

Additional filming by
Federico Romanello
Federico Tognoli
Mauro Caruso
Sergio Bosatra
Federico Incarbone
Josep Ariño

Guest tricks:
Alessandro Morandi
Alex Massotti

Artist: Kröwnn
Title : Wölfhunt
Allbum: Magmafröst
Year: 2014

DC Italian Skate Team 2015: Daniele Galli, Fabio Colombo, Alessandro Morandi, Andrea Casasanta, Alessandro Cesario e Ivan Federico.

Thanks to: californiasport.info